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Max Jacob "Night Dive"

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Source: Gibbon Records

Max Jacob returns with his latest EP 'Night Dive'. The title track is a lushous piece of electronica that helps us dive into the night ahead, FX laden and intricate percussion guiding us deeper and deeper. Bootleg Ben brings us his interpretation in the form of something more traditionally progressive house, with deep bass and a movement that brings us further into the late night journey of sound.

Bringing up the B-side is Lonely Cove, a deep house / electronica crossover that is drenched in a beauty laid down by melodic bells and a sublime string line, creating just a wonderful atmosphere. Benwaa gives us his take on this with his Estranged Mix, more driving and throbbing with its intentions and some head noodling FX to twist up your mind and feet


Gibbon Records
33 Cecil Street
LL65 2NP
United Kingdom

Short Facts

2017-04-24 (Juno)
2017-04-24 (Beatport)
2017-04-24 (Traxsource)
Gibbon Records (Juno)
Gibbon Records (Beatport)
Gibbon Records (Traxsource)
GIB034 (Juno)
GIB034 (Beatport)
GIB034 (Traxsource)

Tracklist (EP)

1 :
Poseidon (Original Mix) (06:35 / 124 BPM)
Max Jacob
2 :
Poseidon (Original Mix) (08:04 / 124 BPM)
Max Jacob, Bootleg Ben
Progressive House
3 :
Lonely Cove (Original Mix) (05:34 / 122 BPM)
Max Jacob
Deep House
4 :
Lonely Cove (Benwaa Estranged Mix) (07:53 / 122 BPM)
Max Jacob, Benwaa
Deep House

Biography Gibbon Records

This is music of bearded weirdos, of oddballs & shadow lurkers, of string pullers and behind the scenes manipulators. It's the music of sinister puppeteers, magicians and midnight prancers. Gibbon Records brings you the close warmth of house music, the distant callings of nature and the dastardly techno of your emotions.

Deep House / Electronica / Gibbon Records / Progressive House

Tech House
165 (100%)
160 (96%)
Deep House
158 (95%)
94 (56%)
41 (24%)

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