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Luigi Gori "I Can't Leave You"

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Source: D2 Records

Luigi Gori delves into the best of tech house minimalism with the lush I Can’t Leave You. With glistening melodies and muscular grooves, the songs have a haunting beauty to them. The duration of the tracks adds to their overall power, for the sprawling nature of the tracks allows Luigi Gori to explore a wide plethora of textures. Opting for a hypnotic rhythm, at times Luigi Gori’s work delves into dreamier worlds. Part of this reason is due to his inclusion of a wide variety of styles informing his work: with elements of acid, dub, trip hop all find a place within the massive sound.

I Can’t Leave You (Original Mix)” opens the collection up with a series of hushed gestures. Gradually the song increases in volume and moves closer, coming into focus. The cinematic nature of this introduction adds to the overall mysterious quality of the track. Elements of the melody begin to appear as Luigi Gori establishes the driving rhythm. Layer upon layer of sound is effortlessly woven into the mix. Intensity grows ever more potent as the piece becomes celebratory and triumphant in spirit. Symphonic flourishes enter into the mix as Luigi Gori explores every possible crevice of the melody, letting it evolve in a naturalistic, light-filled way. For the final stretch of everything comes together in a glorious display of color rushing towards the finale. Dub plays an incredibly important role in the bass-heavy I Can’t Leave You (Gians Remix)”. For this piece, the beat emerges far earlier in the track as the song hints at the melody, not letting it come into view until much later. Melodies have a shoegaze approach for they almost waft into the sky. Such a gentle nature, the song’s focus is more textural based than beat-based, resulting in rather blissful moments. Ending the collection on a high note is the beat-less ambience of Purple Energy (Texture Version)” which brings everything to a close.

Short Facts

2017-10-27 (Juno)
2017-10-13 (Beatport)
D2 Records (Juno)
D2 Records (Beatport)
10123728 (Juno)
10123728 (Beatport)

Tracklist (EP)

1 :
I Can't Leave You (Original Mix) (09:51 / 125 BPM)
Luigi Gori
Techno (1) (2)
2 :
I Can't Leave You (Gians Remix) (11:00 / 125 BPM)
Luigi Gori, Gians
Techno (1) (2)
3 :
Purple Energy (Texuture Version) (02:40 / 100 BPM)
Luigi Gori
Electronica / Downtempo (1)
Techno (2)

D2 Records / Downtempo / Electronica / Techno

Tech House
165 (100%)
160 (96%)
Deep House
158 (95%)
94 (56%)
41 (24%)

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