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HRRSN "Lunar Plant"

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Source: Light my Fire

Berlin-based producer HRRSN doles out a slice of deep electronica carrying his distinct vocal style in his otherworldly Lunar Plant EP.

Whether it’s an ethereal intro or an intricate arrangement, HRRSN pours a lot of emotion into his music – bold swells, vocal cut-ups and cinematic strings sit tight on top of resonating drums. Such an apparition is Sane, the immersive opening of the release, where the artist neatly carves out an enduring groove through airy melodics and melancholic vocals.

Signes buzzes in with a stripped down, piano-infused lead line paired with cavernous tribal percussion. Crafting melody into an unsuspecting groove seems to be HRRSN’s forte, as he manages to subtly transition a wave of tension into an expansive breakdown, culminating in an array of broad, light-diffusing synths.

Up swoops through wavy, acid-tinged synth loops on a backdrop of sinewy percussion. Deft noise modulations keep the lead line interesting, as it develops into a weightless, euphoric exploration great for peak-time antics.


Light my Fire
c/o SKM
Grünberger Straße 54
10245 Berlin
+49 (0)176 202 793 30 (Chris)
+49 (0)152 533 030 15 (Friedrich)
+49 (0)30 200 787 78
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Short Facts

2017-03-31 (Juno)
2017-03-31 (Beatport)
2017-03-31 (Traxsource)
Light my Fire (Juno)
Light my Fire (Beatport)
Light my Fire (Traxsource)
LMF041 (Juno)
LMF041 (Beatport)
LMF041 (Traxsource)

Tracklist (EP)

1 :
Sane (Original Mix) (07:13 / 122 BPM)
Deep House
2 :
Signs (Original Mix) (06:56 / 120 BPM)
Deep House
3 :
Up (Original Mix) (07:14 / 124 BPM)
Deep House

Biography HRRSN

When the Mönchengladbach native HRRSN (Harrison) moved to Berlin about 2 Years ago, he was far from Deep House and simple 4/4 Beats. He rather tangled with Folk, Soul and R&B, which he later took on with a more ‘Poppy’ approach. But living in Berlin and experiencing the vibrant scene made him realize that he also has a passion for house – and electronic music.

By now you should know the name and after a series of well-received releases on labels like Noir Music, Stil vor Talend, Suol or his very own imprint WellDone! Music he shows no signs of slowing down. In the begining of this year you he produced an Album as a part of Tender Games which came out on Suol Music and is currently in the process of setting up another live-set which will be 100% HRRSN – featuring his distinct vocals over his own productions. So sit back and watch what happens next because 'HRRSN' is a name you should have on your on your radar.

Biography Light my Fire

Let’s head for new shores. That is precisely what the Berlin-based producer, DJ and label owner Oliver Koletzki thought when he recently founded his second imprint Light my Fire after seven years of Stil vor Talent. The inspiration came from his favourite The Doors classic and the LMF-philosophy is equally simple: electronic music that speaks volumes, with an international impact and focus on the dance-floor.

Deep House / Light my Fire

Tech House
159 (100%)
158 (99%)
Deep House
149 (93%)
91 (57%)
41 (25%)

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{do the hip!} // house • minimal • techno

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