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Agent Blak "5 Tracks By Agent Blak"

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Source: 70x7 Records

The common bond of hip hop and soulful house is further strengthened with the new 70x7 Records release from Agent Blak. Matter-of-factly titled 5 Songs By Agent Blak, this collection shows the prolific hip hop / beat producer branching out into some bonafide deep and soulful grooves, ready-made for sweaty late night house music affairs. Working with a variety of hip hop artists as a producer, DJ, and MC, the Santa Monica-based Agent Blak was never shy of branching outside of his known genre and into danceable avenues. The thread to tie it all together: it’s gotta be funky and soulful.

5 Songs delivers on this promise as the tunes transmit soulful vibrations and potent four-on-the-floor beats that’ll thrill the most die-hard house head. Opening with Beautiful People, the EP shows its cards from the start with a classic funk loop, buoyant vocals, and an irresistibly skippy rhythm. For The Good Time follows with a deeper, down-home feel and more classic sample cut-ups and loops. Agent Blak smoothly channels Moodymann with the evocative Legasy House, and then heaps on the old school flavor on Porgy House. The EP closes with The Void which presents its most distinctive moment … a bouncing melody, echoed spoken vocals, and cool filter effects dance over the crisp house beat.

Agent Blak has accomplished a delicious dance floor release, and these five songs for 70x7 Records are just the beginning.

Short Facts

2017-02-21 (Juno)
2017-02-21 (Beatport)
2017-02-21 (Traxsource)
70x7 Records (Juno)
70x7 Records (Beatport)
70x7 Records (Traxsource)
70x7005 (Juno)
70x7005 (Beatport)
70x7005 (Traxsource)

Tracklist (EP)

1 :
Beautiful People (Original Mix) (04:01 / 124 BPM)
Agent Blak
2 :
For The Good Time (Original Mix) (04:16 / 120 BPM)
Agent Blak
Deep House
3 :
Legasy House (Original Mix) (04:48 / 125 BPM)
Agent Blak
Deep House
4 :
Porgy House (Original Mix) (05:20 / 120 BPM)
Agent Blak
5 :
The Void (Original Mix) (05:36 / 120 BPM)
Agent Blak

Biography Agent Blak

Agent Blak has his roots deep in trenches of hip-hop. However do not limit this talented tracktioner to just hip-hop as he also spreads wings in house and dance as well as other flavors of music. From beat making to rhyme spittin', this DJ extrordinaire has worked with a multitude of underground lyricists and artists with his arsenal of talents.

Agent Blak started off as a DJ (then known as DJ Jaidi) for small venues as a teenager. This quickly sparked his interest for beat making, taking his turn-tables, a Casio keyboard and a dual tape deck recorder to create his own productions. The rest as they say is history as he then flexed his musical muscle working with notable groups in St. Louis, Rhode Island, Miami and North Carolina. Such groups include Myndufadawg which was signed to an indie label, 3rd Floor Productions (featuring the late Moe Dukes and Mr. Jinx now known as Q-Strange), Chops Turner, Kindred Minds, the White Russian, Buddah Luv and many others. He has opened shows for Wu-Tang Clan, and other notable hip-hop icons.

Twilight and Agent Blak have formed a dynamic duo known as The Blaklight Movement. The debut album, a house / dance collaboration titled Sound Gravity: Volume 1, is soon to be released. Other albums to soon follow featuring hip-hop tracks with guest appearances from a variety of all-stars.

... the difference is I'm a hip-hop ARTIST, cuz I put my whole heart in this.

– Agent Blak in Another Bomb Drop by Kindred Minds

Biography 70x7 Records

70×7 is a label dedicated to the inspirational and soulful genre of house music. It was birthed out of the dedication and love from its two founders, Dimitri Craven and Paul Andrew, created with their art and passion and backgrounds forged from a long musical history and their spiritual upbringings, 70×7 is dedicated to introducing new artists with a funky soulful edge. 70×7 will be a collaboration of artists and producers dedicated to an uplifting positive gospel message. 70×7 is looking for new talent that expresses the blessings that can be found in this world. 70×7 is also releasing new music from various new artists and re-mixers. 70×7 is releasing an EP every month with remixes ranging in different dance styles.

The first album is titled “Peace Love and Understanding” introducing the first single Love of My Life feat. Wade C. Long. This first release will include a batch of remixes from up and coming producers from Los Angeles. Having this album launched is especially important to Dimitri as he is DJ/Co-producer/song writer/lyricist for Zona. Dimitri has been singing and writing music for years and his experience has made him attuned to what audiences respond to. Jerry Andrews has been playing guitar, drums, and keys since the age of nine and is Dimitri’s writing partner on the Zona Album.

70×7 will provide the freedom to express and distribute independent music without the assistance from “major label” restrictions. This will allow 70×7 to discover and introduce new artists while maintaining their musical integrity and freedom. We will also be structuring the releases to be financially reasonable for all included artists. Striving to maintain the artistic and financial freedom of all included parties while bringing you the best artistic collaborative efforts.

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