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Various Artists "Okul 2"


Dilek Records presents its second Various Artists from the 'Okul' series including some of the label's bestsellers and favourite productions.

'Okul' means school in Turkish and this name wasn't chosen randomly. During the label's last nine years of existence, there was a never-ending learning process and countless challenging situations to live and overcome, with many great memories along the way. Dilek Records and its sub-label Darek Recordings have also invited many talented and well-known artists to join their family and this selection will give you a glimpse of their vast cultural diversity, with sounds coming from all over the globe.

During this new year, you'll have the opportunity to re-discover these brilliant productions, selected from both vinyl and digital releases of the past years, to compile this astonishing Various Artists with something for everybody, even for the most demanding ears. The twenty tracks and remixes included inside the 'Okul 2' are delivered by John Tejada, Ian Pooley, Tigerskin, Abe Duque, Marek Henning, Bloody Mary, Franco Bianco, Brett Johnson, Terry Francis, Alland Byallo, Miro Pajic, Alex Smoke, Mike Wall, Jonty Skrufff, Dave The Drummer, Ulf Kleiner, Hˆgni Egilsson, Marquez Ill, Jose Wated, Pablo Akaros, Llydo, Encebolladoman, Gera Barrera, Karmina, Alex Tomb, Demir, Drauf & Dran, Martin Huergo and Andres Oddone.


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Short Facts

2017-03-07 (Beatport)
Dilek Records (Juno)
Dilek Records (Beatport)
DLK0KL2 (Beatport)

Tracklist (Compilation | 7-Tracks Preview)

1 :
LMLY (Tigerskin Remix) (07:43 / 122 BPM)
Marquez Ill, Tigerskin
Tech House
listen track
2 :
She Comes (Miro Pajic Remix) (06:28 / 125 BPM)
Mike Wall, Miro Pajic
Tech House
listen track
3 :
Haunt Me (Original Mix) (06:55 / 126 BPM)
Mark Henning
Tech House
listen track
4 :
Brimstone & Treacle (Original Mix) (08:58 / 125 BPM)
Jonty Skrufff, Dave The Drummer
Tech House
listen track
5 :
El Fuego Y El Combustible (Franco Bianco Remix) (04:28 / 122 BPM)
Jorge Drexler, Franco Bianco
Tech House
listen track
6 :
Satisfy My Soul (Brett Johnson Remix) (07:52 / 123 BPM)
Jose Wated, Encebolladoman, Brett Johnson
Tech House
listen track
7 :
Quinchos (Abe Duque Dub Remix) (09:59 / 125 BPM)
Llydo, Abe Duque
Tech House
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