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The Organism "Symphonys EP"

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Source: Monza Ibiza

The Organism is a duo formed by musician / DJ Alfred and singer MC Smokeyboy (Ukraine). 'Symphonys' is the first cut out of their new EP on Monza Ibiza Records, with a sweeping vocal, unclassifiable in a specific genre. Its original, simple and catchy lyrics (which we cannot remove from our heads) are the key. A marvel of production packed with details which compete with the best Pop music of the 90's and the most current Electronics.

The remix of the title-track by Rafael Cerato (Diynamic) and Javier Gonzalez (Monza Ibiza Records) is loaded with subtleties, giving them that progressive melancholic touch, so habitual in their productions. They've added boxes and various aerial elements to intensify their achieved groove, making the track more dynamic and perfect for an elegant contemporary session.

'Faith', the third cut of the EP is an in-crescendo track, with pure sounds of melodic techno, ethereal moments, and avant-garde progressive airs. With 'Pride' the producers use repetitive voices that contribute a discreet touch of tech' and certain sweetness with those basses which speak to us during the course of the theme. The last track 'Route77' is a quiet and melodic production, where the arpeggio is the key and the bass is the protagonist, a relaxing and subtle work that completes a magical EP loaded with timeless sounds.

Short Facts

2017-06-06 (Beatport)
2017-06-20 (Traxsource)
Monza Ibiza Records (Juno)
Monza Ibiza Records (Beatport)
Monza Ibiza Records (Traxsource)
MIR53 (Beatport)
MIR53 (Traxsource)

Tracklist (EP)

1 :
Symphonys (Original Mix) (07:52 / 120 BPM)
The Organism
2 :
Symphonys (Rafael Cerato & Javier Gonzalez Remix) (07:50 / 124 BPM)
The Organism, Javier Gonzalez, Rafael Cerato
Progressive House
3 :
Faith (Original Mix) (08:26 / 122 BPM)
The Organism
Progressive House
4 :
Pryde (Original Mix) (07:40 / 123 BPM)
The Organism
Progressive House
5 :
Route77 (Original Mix) (08:56 / 121 BPM)
The Organism
Progressive House

Biography The Organism

The musical project, The Organism, has been around since 2013.The founder is none other than Alfred; a talented DJ who has been, from the age of vinyl and rave parties of the 90's.

I've always wanted to create a new genre of music

... said Alfred in an interview.

The ambitious DJ, has discovered and conducted a series of search for various new sounds, as well as new talent. On one of such occassions coming back from a tour, he noticed a young man with a broad smile and great headphones. this event lead to the birth of a new project. It is unknown how the encounter occurred, but it was definitely a sign from above. Thus, in 2013, Alfred met Smokeyboy, who was a talented singer, poet and composer.

Their creativity and musical tastes converged, and are well infused in the project "The Organism",with hit tracks already among the top ten in its genre, as of 2016.

Biography Monza Ibiza Records

Project by Javier Gonzalez purports to be the launching pad for influential sound established from 2011. Monza Ibiza Records is an underground musical label that includes styles such as Deep, Tech House, Electronica, Progressive, Minimal and Techno and which publishes in digital format in the most important music portals of the world based in Ibiza and Madrid.

Electronica / Monza Ibiza Records / Progressive House

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Deep House
159 (95%)
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