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The Organism "Axon / In Touch"

For all amateur biologists and neurologists among you, the word “axon” is not alien. For all the rest, let us just say that this is about the nerves of human beings. These are also strained with the new 2-Tracker from The Organism - but in a positive way!

Dreamy and a little trippy is Axon, a minimalistic melodic tune that unfolds freely over nine minutes. And also the B side of this cool EP In Touch does not provide an ordinary track, which at no point sticks to any rules or into a musical corset.

Nerve stimulation of a somewhat different kind and danceable progressive muscle relaxation - delivered by The Organism with their new number on Amber Blue Recordings. Definitely nothing that gets on your nerves.

Short Facts

2017-11-20 (Juno)
2017-11-20 (Beatport)
2017-11-20 (Traxsource)
Amber Blue Recordings (Juno)
Amber Blue Recordings (Beatport)
Amber Blue Recordings (Traxsource)

Tracklist (Single)

1 :
Axon (Original Mix) (07:24 / 122 BPM)
The Organism
Tech House
2 :
In Touch (Original Mix) (06:37 / 122 BPM)
The Organism
Tech House
Tech House
214 (100%)
203 (94%)
Deep House
163 (76%)
120 (56%)
48 (22%)

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{do the hip!} // house • minimal • techno

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