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Synchronism "Demeter"


For the start of 2017. Klinik Room Recordings welcomes Synchronism, talented DJ and producing duo originally from Berlin, Germany. In the early 90's Stefan & Christian discovered their weakness for Techno. In 2004 they made the decision to work together. Their sets are always straight forward, deep and dark with a pinch of craziness and the ability to make the crowd dance. In 2014 they released their debut EP, "Atari Mindgames" under their old alias Gleichlaufartisten. At the end of 2015 they started their new project "Synchronism".


Short Facts

2017-01-17 (Juno)
2017-01-03 (Beatport)
2017-01-17 (Traxsource)
Klinik Room (Juno)
Klinik Room (Beatport)
Klinik Room (Traxsource)
KR166 (Juno)
KR166 (Beatport)
KR166 (Traxsource)

Tracklist (Single)

1 :
Dystopia (Original Mix) (07:25 / 126 BPM)
listen track
2 :
Lava Inferno (Original Mix) (06:06 / 122 BPM)
listen track

Biography Synchronism

Synchronism has a very special meaning for the two guys from the Berlin suburbs. Synchronism is a derivation from the initial project name “Gleichlaufartisten” which stands for the collaboration of the two founding artists – like a gear wheel gracefully actuating Swiss clockworks. The duo has been active since 2004 and in the many years ever since, they have soaked up every inspiration that came across, both behind and in front of the DJ booth.

You will recognise that in every single production as well as in their driving DJ sets. Influenced by the greatest of the great such as Richie Hawtin, Heinrichs & Hirtenfeller, Chris Liebing und Edit Select, their grown up and credible style of today is the result of their experiences, adventures, Stefan’s ongoing search for new sounds and Christian’s never ending keenness for finding and using new technical possibilities. Their sounds is somewhere between hard techno and the playfulness of minimal.

Biography Klinik Room

Croatian electronic music based record label, estabilished in 2012.

Main Label
Klinik Room
Techno / HardTechno
Klinik Lounge
Tech-House, House, Electronica

Klinik Room prides itself on releasing music that works on the dance floor, whilst at the same time supporting innovative artists in Croatia and worldwide. KR represents a creative platform for global Techno and electronic music artists to express their musical ingenuity and has established a reputation for sourcing quality cutting edge sounds.

Klinik Room strives to provide the best in service to our artists. We continue to keep our eyes open, forge new relationships with up-and-coming artists, digital stores, other labels, and, management and booking companies; work closely with music related events, and focus hard on making your experience with us better! Klinik Room is rolling up music that can not leave you indifferent.

Klinik Room / Minimal / Techno

Tech House
573 (100%)
512 (89%)
367 (64%)
Deep House
345 (60%)
92 (16%)

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