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Pablo del Monte "Stay All Night"

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Source: Harmonious Discord

Texas-based Harmonious Discord celebrates its 50th release with Pablo del Monte’s Stay All Night EP featuring two originals by del Monte and remixes by Litex (Eric Reeves) and Jeff Scroggin.

Harmonious Discord solidified its force in the Texas underground music scene since 2001 with releases by Pezzner, Brett Johnson, Deepchild, Morgan Page, Arthur Oskan, PointBender, and Dorian.

Stay All Night is a peak time driver produced by London native Pablo del Monte, radio pilot for Brick Lane Radio and label head of famed East Recordings. His productions range from classic sounding house music to edgy, provocative tech house projects.

Pablo collaborated with Dallas vocalist LaVoyce for the original title track, a precise mixture of well-spaced percussion rooted in a stronghold of bass with deliberate accents and fills. Its samples and synthesized accents provide a navigating principle that syncopates firmly as the song progresses. This future hallowed house classic is sure to satisfy both DJ aficionados and dancefloor revelers.

Label co-founder and Grey Music Project artist Litex (Eric Reeves) remixes Stay All Night with dynamic synthesizer programming and tightly controlled FX while mild hints of progression deepen the original elements earmarked by pad resonance and drifting delays. Jeff Scroggin navigates un-charted back roads with another dubbed-out wash remix of “Stay All Night.” Urban, rough-and-tumble, and perfectly crafted, Jeff accents the original parts with hypnotic dub chords and a driving sub-bass. Pablo del Monte’s B-side Emperor reigns with clinical drum programming aligned with sound design and synthetic manipulations. The track commands force of music while offering itself to its loyal listeners.


Harmonious Discord Recording
Austin, TX


Adam Pickrell, Allen MD, Brett Johnson, Chakaharta, Dave Pezzner, Deepchild, Elevotion, Gaunt, Grey, Henry Chow, Ill76, Ishi, JDN, JV, Jacob London, John Walker, KiloWatts, Limacon, Litex, Molecule, Morgan Page, Onium, Patchen, Pointbender, Rithma, Vegenaut, Vital

Short Facts

2017-09-12 (Juno)
2017-08-29 (Beatport)
2017-09-12 (Traxsource)
Harmonious Discord (Juno)
Harmonious Discord (Beatport)
Harmonious Discord (Traxsource)
HD050 (Juno)
HD050 (Beatport)
HD050 (Traxsource)

Tracklist (EP)

1 :
Stay All Night [feat. LaVoyce] (Original) (06:52 / 124 BPM)
Pablo del Monte, LaVoyce
Tech House (1) (3)
Minimal / Tech House (2)
2 :
Stay All Night [feat. LaVoyce] (Litex Subtractive Dub) (07:11 / 124 BPM)
Pablo del Monte, LaVoyce, Litex
Tech House (1) (3)
Minimal / Tech House (2)
3 :
Stay All Night [feat. LaVoyce] (Jeff Scroggin Dub) (07:14 / 124 BPM)
Pablo del Monte, LaVoyce, Jeff Scroggin
Techno (1) (3)
Minimal / Tech House (2)
4 :
The Emperor (Original) (06:52 / 122 BPM)
Pablo del Monte
Tech House (1) (3)
Minimal / Tech House (2)

Biography Harmonious Discord

Harmonious Discord Recordings has been the purveyor of offbeat melodies for DJ’s and producers “in-the-know” for over 14 years. Founded in 2001 by Moon Magnet productions front men Sean Anderson, Brad Denton, and David Brown; HD’s aim has been to provide a musical outlet for artists that continue to defy convention at every opportunity. Harmonious Discord’s name was devised to represent a collective rebellion against the sea of mediocre and brainless music polluting the airwaves. Its motto “Cacophony at its Finest” displays the contrast of what some view as noise (or cacophony) and what others view as music. The beauty of music is that it is subjective and the brilliance lies with the listener. We have strived in our 14 year run to combine the innovative and legendary sounds of Jazz and the new and basic sounds of the tech revolution, which is represented in our logo (a martini glass w/ sprocket).

Originally a vinyl only media Harmonious Discord released its first vinyl record in January of 2002 with a premier release by two of Harmonious Discords home-based artists; Ahman (David Brown) and newly added artist Litex (Eric Reeves). The project received warm regards but did not make a huge splash in the electronic music community. It wasn’t till their second release, a techy offbeat two tracker by Austin native Merrick Brown, that HD was written into the books of dance music history. The second release was canned by DJ notables from all over the world and quickly rose to the top of the balance chart. In 2003 we saw another huge hit with the release of Grey’s first HD release titled “Naughty Glances” and the floor filling remix by Seattle’s own Jacob London. The vinyl only production continued until 2007 when Harmonious Discord decided to embrace the digital revolution and joined forces with Beatport, the industries leader in digital distribution. Many years later our family has grown to encompass artists like Chakaharta and Patchen Preston who have forged a solid foundation using Harmonious Discord as their main production outlet. Harmonious Discord has forged onward with digital releases that span multiple genre’s and showcase some of the most forward thinking artists in today’s electronic music landscape.

Harmonious Discord / Tech House / Techno

Tech House
160 (100%)
158 (98%)
Deep House
149 (93%)
91 (56%)
41 (25%)

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