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Lander B & Oscar Escapa "The Judge EP"

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Source: Beatfreak Recordings

Beatfreak Recordings present the Spanish techno duo Lander B and Oscar Escapa (Stick Recordings, Natura Viva, Dark Face, Beat Therapy, Younan Music, Be One Records, Selected Records) and their The Judge EP.

Here you can find 4 dynamic, strong and powerful techno tracks, ready to rock the crowd of every dance floor.

Short Facts

2017-06-02 (Juno)
2017-05-19 (Beatport)
2017-06-02 (Traxsource)
Beatfreak Recordings (Juno)
Beatfreak Recordings (Beatport)
Beatfreak Recordings (Traxsource)
BF157 (Juno)
BF157 (Beatport)
BF157 (Traxsource)

Tracklist (EP)

1 :
El Juez (Original Mix) (07:42 / 125 BPM)
Lander B, Oscar Escapa
Techno (1) (3)
Minimal / Tech House (2)
2 :
Reflection (Original Mix) (07:25 / 123 BPM)
Lander B, Oscar Escapa
Tech House (1) (3)
Minimal / Tech House (2)
3 :
Azidas (Original Mix) (07:06 / 124 BPM)
Oscar Escapa, Lander B
Tech House (1) (3)
Minimal / Tech House (2)
4 :
Catherpy (Original Mix) (07:18 / 125 BPM)
Lander B, Oscar Escapa
Techno (1) (3)
Minimal / Tech House (2)

Beatfreak Recordings

Beatfreak is one of the spanish labels with more history within the electronic music. Founded in 1997, its been more than a decade since BF is bringing joy through good music, giving support to new talents situating then in the highest positions on the worldwide deejays and artists rankings these days.

Producers such as: D-Formation, Simon & Shaker, D-Unity, Daniel Portman, Dj Wady, Oscar L, Sergio Fernandez, Dario Nuñez, Victor Calderone, Ismael Rivas, Prompt, Vlada Asanin, Coqui Selection, Richie Santana, Rob Mirage and a long list of artists are part of the Beatfreak's crew.

We have enjoyed amazing "gifts hits" like : "Coca & Villa - La Noche", "D-Formation - Sings & Portens", "Oscar L - Ny Funk", "Dominic Plaza - Sundown", "Simon & Shaker - Freshness" ... and countless tracks that not doubt we have danced several times.

Lander B

Owner of Maskerade, the spaniard Lander B is an artist that has risen to his level by producing real, different, big room techno, filled with synth elements and amazing basslines.

Lander B started his career as a producer in 2005. Getting through hard work and dedication, he released on many of the most important labels of the moment like Stick Recordings, Natura Viva, Beat Therapy records, Dark Face, Reload Records, while in the near future he will be on Pornographic Recordings, Florida Music Records, Bush Records, Transmit Recordings and many more. His music is characterised from big synths, intense musicality and wide and punchy basslines, where at the same time, Lander B is not afraid to incorporate in his compositions, classic instruments like piano, or vintage sounds, thus creating an unparalleled musical signature, unseen among producers on the genre.

Oscar Escapa

Oscar Escapa started his career as producer in 2012. Getting through hard work and dedication he has released on many of the most important labels nowadays such as: Be One Records, Florida Music Records, Reload Records, Selected Records, Stick Recordings, Younan Music, coming up releases on: Bush Records, Pornographic Recordings, Transmit Recordings.

Many Top artists have played and supported his tracks in their live sets and Beatport charts such as: Cristian Varela, Dandi & Hugo, Eric Sneo, Mario Ochoa, Richie Hawtin, Saeed Younan, Spartaque, The Yellowheads, Tommy Declerque, Umek. Richie Hawtin has played many times his tracks in Enter (Space Ibiza) and Tomorroland 2015.

He currently runs his own label Mazzinga Records and performs many of his productions alongside Lander B, combination that works perfectly when those talented producers get into the techno scene. Oscar Escapa currently based in Barcelona (Spain) keeps the ideas flowing by producing Top tunes that makes him get respected and recognised by artist and fans in and out Spain.

Beatfreak Recordings / Tech House / Techno

Tech House
159 (100%)
158 (99%)
Deep House
149 (93%)
91 (57%)
41 (25%)

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