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Jonzun "This Is My House"

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Source: SCTY

Jonzun is a house music producer with a truly special twist. His recent single, This Is My House is one of those rare songs that get you to connect with the music in a single moment. As soon as the song is on, your body starts to feel compelled to move, caught in the grip of the steady groove, the dip kicks and the lush synth swells that make the song move like a heartbeat, pulsating in the night.

This song is catchy, appealing and direct, echoing the work of the best classic house producers, while also appealing to fans of the most modern undercurrents of electronic music. Jonzun has an impeccable taste as a producer, knowing when to up the ante, but also knowing when to tune it down a notch, creating some amazing dynamics for the song.

This Is My House was also released with an extended mix, as well as with a couple of remixed versions, curated by Babis Kotsanis as well as Yamall, who put their own excellent spin on this track.

Short Facts

2017-10-06 (Juno)
2017-10-06 (Beatport)
2017-10-06 (Traxsource)
SCTY (Juno)
SCTY (Beatport)
SCTY (Traxsource)
SCTY009 (Juno)
SCTY009 (Beatport)
SCTY009 (Traxsource)

Tracklist (EP)

1 :
This Is My House (Original Mix) (05:44 / 115 BPM)
House (1) (3)
Deep House (2)
2 :
This Is My House (Extended Mix) (06:41 / 117 BPM)
House (1) (3)
Deep House (2)
3 :
This Is My House (Yamall Remix) (06:27 / 124 BPM)
Jonzun, Yamall
House (1) (3)
Deep House (2)
4 :
This Is My House (Babis Kotsanis Remix) (06:53 / 115 BPM)
Jonzun, Babis Kotsanis
House (1) (3)
Deep House (2)

House / SCTY

Tech House
160 (100%)
158 (98%)
Deep House
149 (93%)
91 (56%)
41 (25%)

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{do the hip!} // house • minimal • techno

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