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Jeffrey Tice "Embarcadero Station"


Incoming fresh for 2017, Embarcadero Station is the latest from San Francisco based producer Jeffrey Tice. The former Austin local and resident selector at the Capital City’s hallowed incubator of rave culture, Proteus, touches down with two gorgeous cuts for the Whiskey Pickle label. Lead cut, Embarcadero Station, is a shimmering, bottom heavy work-out that touches on the halcyon days of yore when UK acts like Underworld and Faithless reigned supreme. Crunchy kicks and claps are accented by delicate Arp synths and cascading stabs and melodies … lovely tackle right here.

On the B-side the listener is greeted by the equally blissful You & Me (We Are The Same)” which follows suit with perfectly balanced rhythms and angelic chords. The ’90s flair remains strong with classic stabs and chirpy vocal cuts while the bass line keeps everything nice and tidy for upwards of eight minutes.

Tapped for remixes, Jeffrey connects both of his homelands (Texas & California) by enlisting fellow Austin producer / DJ Coy West and SF based outfit The SyntheTigers. Mr. West steps up first to tackle Embarcadero Station and does a lovely job stripping back the groove to create a hypnotic and dub-flavored rework. The SyntheTigers take full advantage of the garage-styles present on You & Me (We Are The Same)” and amp them up to eleven. Maxing out every vocal bit to create an R&B-fueled floor-shaker, The SyntheTigers turn in something incredibly special that even Todd Edwards would approve.


Whiskey Pickle LLC
7441 Montezuma St
Austin, TX 78744-1775
United States
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Short Facts

2017-03-31 (Juno)
2017-03-31 (Beatport)
2017-03-31 (Traxsource)
Whiskey Pickle (Juno)
Whiskey Pickle (Beatport)
Whiskey Pickle (Traxsource)
WP031 (Juno)
WP031 (Beatport)
WP031 (Traxsource)

Tracklist (EP)

1 :
Embarcadero Station (Original Mix) (07:11 / 122 BPM)
Jeffrey Tice
listen track
2 :
Embarcadero Station (Coy West Remix) (07:03 / 122 BPM)
Jeffrey Tice, Coy West
listen track
3 :
You & Me (We Are The Same) (Original Mix) (07:48 / 121 BPM)
Jeffrey Tice
listen track
4 :
You & Me (We Are The Same) (The SyntheTigers Remix) (06:11 / 126 BPM)
Jeffrey Tice, The SyntheTigers
listen track

Biography Jeffrey Tice

I started out mixing all of the vinyl I had collected at the tender age of 16. By that point I had a healthy stash of hundreds of 12" singles bought at the local record shops, Waterloo and Sound Exchange in Austin, Texas. It was 1990 and I had no idea where my fascination with mixing records would eventually lead me.

When the birth of the Austin rave scene happened in 1992 after a passionate couple of ravers from San Francisco moved to my home city, I was right there in the thick of it and quickly became one of Austin's most illustrious and successful DJ's, playing at a majority of the events happening in the capital city.

When by chance, in 1994, a guy named Daniel Foreman who was about to open a club in Austin showed up to a warehouse party that the other prominent DJ's of Austin's underground scene and I were playing at, the unlikely birth of Proteus happened. I was one of the resident DJs at Proteus for several years and became even more well known and in demand. Proteus is still, after 20 years, notoriously known as one of Austin's most loved and influential nightclubs ever.

While all of this was going on, I was honing my production skills as well. This would lead me in another direction for several years that would eventually lead to my music being released worldwide by a number of record labels in the US, UK, and even El Salvador.

Many years later, now having lived in San Francisco for a decade and with the incredible success of my production work, I am making waves again with my unmistakeable style, selection and skill as a producer and DJ and am ready to influence your mind and control your body on the dancefloor, wherever that may be.

Biography Whiskey Pickle

Whiskey Pickle is a digital record label that was inspired by a few too many shots of Bushmills. Based in Austin, Texas and founded by Adam Warped in 2009, the label prides itself on cultivating discernibly different dance music with a hearty lean towards the cosmic, psychedelic, and more left-field disco directions. With the addition of label manager and co-owner, Davey Schachrel in 2012, the label has seen a steady, upward climb, making calculated steps and establishing itself on the global stage of quality imprints. Whiskey Pickle will make you wiggle.

House / Whiskey Pickle

Tech House
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Deep House
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