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DJ Alexia "Dancin´ Grooving (Remixes Part 1)"

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Source: Karmic Power

Nine months later and…The new (Born) Remix package Is finally here! Dj Alexia - “Dancing Groovin’ “The Remixes.

Featuring international talented producers / remixers that put great work into reinterpreting this funky classic house track for Karmic Power Records. The remixes pack this EP with five different fresh flavours.

Legendary Gene King from Toronto kept the spirit of the Alexia’s original version, but gives the track a deep melodic touch, new synth-riffs, layers of pads, driving synth bass line, betwixt a unique adaptation on the original melodics. A palpable sophisticated production!

Max Ferrante from Rome. The prominent producer has many original and remix productions under his belt. Max enhanced the track utilising some of the key elements of it’s original counterpart to appeal the late night riders dance floor! Let’s Groove to It!

Oscar (Soulistik) Arias, Miami Beach - Soulistk certainly push the track to an exotic percussive latin flavour. Perfect for all dance floors - fits right into the summery Ibiza’s mood.

Ru.DiJ - Riccione - Italy, the beach-town internationally known for the amazing clubs where dj’s from all over the world comes to play. Ru.Dij X-Perimental bow with progressive roller creative production. This version not only gives you the kick to-the-dance-floor, but is a pleasant track just to listen to for the infectious trippiness sounds that blend into a Detroit tech house mood.

Achille Lombardi - Italy. Achille Lombardi (Deep Tech Remix) completes the remix brace, distinctive in it’s deeper, dubbier approach that defy big raving crowds. Achille’s interpretation weaves into the trendy Berlin deep techno sound. Included in the package is the Dj Alexia’s original mix. Rubbering funk synth-bass line, grand piano chords, layered the syncopated chords of the B3 organ. Inspired 80’s rhythms, emphasised by the “spanking” delayed big claps.

Please Enjoy!


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New York
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2017 Copyright by Karmic Power Records (LC 51694)
2017 Karmic Power Publishing (ASCAP)
Written by Alessandra Rosati
Produced by Alessandra Rosati

Short Facts

2017-03-31 (Juno)
2017-03-31 (Beatport)
2017-03-31 (Traxsource)
Karmic Power Records (Labelcode: LC-51694 | Juno)
Karmic Power Records (Labelcode: LC-51694 | Beatport)
Karmic Power Records (Labelcode: LC-51694 | Traxsource)
KPR172R1 (Juno)
KPR172R1 (Beatport)
KPR172R1 (Traxsource)

Tracklist (EP)

1 :
Dancin´ Grooving (Gene's 416-514 Mix) (06:51 / 125 BPM)
DJ Alexia, Gene King
House / Soulful House
ISRC: QM-HDW-13-00644
2 :
Dancin´ Grooving (Achille Lombardi Deep Tech Remix) (07:21 / 125 BPM)
DJ Alexia, Achille Lombardi
Soulful House / Tech House
ISRC: QM-HDW-13-00645
3 :
Dancin´ Grooving (Max Ferrante Remix) (06:44 / 125 BPM)
DJ Alexia, Max Ferrante
House / Soulful House
ISRC: QM-HDW-13-00646
4 :
Dancin´ Grooving (Miami Vibes Mix) (05:12 / 124 BPM)
DJ Alexia, Soulistk
House / Soulful House
ISRC: QM-HDW-13-00647
5 :
Dancin´ Grooving (X-Perimental Mix) (06:17 / 125 BPM)
DJ Alexia, Ru.DiJ
House / Soulful House
ISRC: QM-HDW-13-00648
6 :
Dancin´ Grooving (Original Mix) (06:08 / 125 BPM)
DJ Alexia
House / Soulful House
ISRC: QM-HDW-13-00457

Biography DJ Alexia

Whether by land, by air, or by sea, if you have a need for couture beats, DJ Alexia can turn any event out in style. A thirteen year veteran producer, re-mixer, DJ and radio personality; Alexia is a sexy, international talent who continues to significantly contribute to the electronic dance music scene.

Her style consists of energetic lounge and dance house mixes infused with vocals and a splash of funk and jazz. A vibration that serves as the perfect compliment to any event. The groove begins at the rim of your martini and subtly beckons you beyond … to a place where freedom of expression becomes the mantra of the night.

Biography Karmic Power Records

Karmic Power Records NYC is the brainchild of Lenny Fontana and assistant Manuel Genzel. Its premise is to release quality records that will become classics. Lenny has a hand at making house records that became crossover hits in the past and his idea is to push that forward with strength in finding new acts with great songs.

House / Karmic Power Records / Soulful House / Tech House

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