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Danito & Athina "Feelings"


Cologne-centric dynamic duo Danito & Athina bring their fresh, soul-inspired production style into play on their newest release for LMF.

Feelings commences as a winding groove, adding sequence upon sequence of tense chunks on a backdrop of dramatic synths paired with a throbbing bassline. Spiralling on, it reaches a nervous and dance-inducing apex that is only partially relieved, keeping feet moving.

The second track dives even further into labyrinthian tech explorations. Starting off with a subdued groove, Hyperion progresses into an immersive realm by the way of pulsating drums and psychedelic synths.

Berliner Tony Casanova is enlisted for the remix, providing a collateral version of Feelings. Dotted with relentless bell loopsthat evoke a dark and melancholic atmosphere, the reinterpretation carries on minimal elements from the initial structure. Granite kicks layered with sparse distorted vocals create an unfamiliar yet highly mesmerizing groove with late night appeal, rounding off the release on a deep note.

Short Facts

2017-01-20 (Juno)
2017-01-20 (Beatport)
2017-01-20 (Traxsource)
Light my Fire (Juno)
Light my Fire (Beatport)
Light my Fire (Traxsource)
LMF040 (Juno)
LMF040 (Beatport)
LMF040 (Traxsource)

Tracklist (EP)

1 :
Feelings (Original Mix) (07:53 / 123 BPM)
Danito & Athina
listen track
2 :
Hyperion (Original Mix) (08:21 / 123 BPM)
Danito & Athina
Deep House
listen track
3 :
Feelings (Tony Casanova Remix) (07:24 / 121 BPM)
Danito & Athina, Tony Casanova
Deep House
listen track

Biography Danito & Athina

“Danito & Athina” - behind this name are the two amazing Cologne Artists who harmonies together privately just as musically. The charismatic Duo “Danito & Athina” are calling attention with the releases of Crossfrontier Audio / Eklektisch / Jeudi / Light my fire. Their sound is a mix of Tech-House, Underground and Progressive

“Danito” who has been producing for 20 years in the Techno Scene. He is on of the famouse producer in Cologne. Many other artists learn from him producing and djing. He has in his hometown cologne a big studio and work every day there. Music is his life. People also know him from many releases on big labels. But now Danito do only music together with Athina and it´s a never ending story.

“Athina” is a producer from Cologne. She has her roots in the Soul Music, and she is one of a few woman there are produce music. Athina learn all the things from Danito. Athina love to write songs and she sing many vocals in there own tracks. The last 5 years she work with Danito hard in the studio but that´s normally for this duo. They are producing nerds. You can feel the passion in their common projects, because there is always a surprising, fresh and epic sound.

So get ready for the dynamic Artist Duo and enjoy!

Deep House / Light my Fire / Techno

Tech House
232 (100%)
222 (95%)
Deep House
155 (66%)
94 (40%)
52 (22%)

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{do the hip!} // house • minimal • techno

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