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Andrey Burtaev "Next Dub EP"

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Source: Elusive Records

Don't sleep on this, as a record crammed to a brim with such insanely tight and varied material doesn't hit the shops often. Printed on a customary 180g Elusive wax and limited to a measly 300 copies, it won't stay on the shelves for long and might just cause a riot!

Andrey Burtaev is somewhat of a gleaming, speeding meteor that is about to hit our planet big and Elusive Records are proud to welcome him back for his second effort for the label. Right from the start of the "Move on Dub" we are teleported to the heart of the deepest rainforest. The humid hallucinatory mist of the opening bars subversively flows into hooks laced with explosive jitters and locked-in, dubbed up tech-house beats. The jive comes in and reasserts the reggae roots so central to Andrey's music. The track is so dense with fresh ideas – it leaves you with that rare feeling of 'not enough'.

When listening to "Late Night Dubbing" one may be excused for thinking that they woke up in a Bedouin dwelling and stepped from the carpeted tent floor straight onto the white sands of Tulum. The delicate textures of orient strings and distant splashes of ice cold water pools take time to build up before morphing into Latintinged guitar lick so seductive that despite the constrained tempo of the track any given dancefloor would most probably spontaneously combust.

"Next Dub" grabs all that is lush from a tropical dub carnival and dips it in a keg of sordid four to the floor disco groves. End result – nobody will be able to sit this infectious stomper out, 'dem bodies shall move'! Let's end on a high! Imagine a barrel of Jamaican finest is being smuggled into a watering hole of downtown Chicago circa prohibition time, lock stock and a smoking barrel!

Classy and off the hook is the trademark signature of the outstanding Steven Cock's remix of the title track. The bassline on his interpretation of "Next Dub" is so virulent - the World Health Organization ought to provide the release with a warning sticker!

Enjoy ... that is if you are lucky enough to get one!


2018 Copyright Elusive
2018 Published by Copyright Control

Short Facts

2017-12-11 (Promo)
2018-03-01 (
Elusive Records
12” Vinyl / Digital

Tracklist (EP)

A1 / 1 :
Move on Dub (Original Mix) (07:46 / 120 BPM)
Andrey Burtaev
Deep House
A2 / 2 :
Late Night Dubbing (Original Mix) (07:58 / 120 BPM)
Andrey Burtaev
Deep House
B1 / 3 :
Next Dub (Original Mix) (06:57 / 123 BPM)
Andrey Burtaev
Deep House
B2 / 4 :
Next Dub (Steven Cock Remix) (07:28 / --- BPM)
Andrey Burtaev, Steven Cock
Deep House

Deep House / Elusive Records

Tech House
165 (100%)
160 (96%)
Deep House
158 (95%)
94 (56%)
41 (24%)

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