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Alessandro Grops "Prelude"

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Source: Voltage Records

Spot on: Alessandro Grops debuts on Voltage Records with an amazing 3-tracker EP.

The Italian artist this time is providing some deep pumping grooves, guaranteed to bring mayhem to the dancefloor. First track of the EP, 'Prelude' is a powerful, bass heavy track, created to work inside any mix, with staggering synth drops and growing buildups, which lead to huge bassdrops, creating an amazing atmosphere.

'Address', the second track of this EP, has 5 A.M. written all over it. It's dark, deep and heavier, thanks to the amazing bassline and the constant vocal drone that surrounds the track throughout. Finally, 'Element' is a mood upriser, completing this truly diverse EP. Clever risers and atmospherical chords along with a killer groove this track proves Grop's talent and passion for unique music. Alessandro Grops leaves his mark on VOLTAGE, releasing a real bomb EP that's not to be missed!

Short Facts

2017-07-03 (Juno)
2017-06-19 (Beatport)
Voltage Records (Juno)
Voltage Records (Beatport)
VLT002a (Juno)
VLT002a (Beatport)

Tracklist (EP)

1 :
Prelude (Original Mix) (06:17 / --- BPM)
Alessandro Grops
Techno (1) (2)
2 :
Address (Emiliano Naples Remix) (06:01 / 125 BPM)
Alessandro Grops
Techno (1) (2)
3 :
Element (Emiliano Naples Remix) (07:36 / 125 BPM)
Alessandro Grops
Techno (1) (2)

Biography Alessandro Grops

Alessandro Grops is an Italian artist that dedicated his musical career in creating dark and groovy music, destined to rock the floor!

Alessandro Groppi better know as "Alessandro Grops", began his first steps into the world of House Music / Techno as a passion in general. Over time, his passion becomes more passion for this, mainly characterized by sound Tech-House / Techno. At 14, Alessandro created a project based on the Techno and Tech-House scene initially named "Alessandro Grops".

Biography Voltage Records

Intense, massive, electrifying.

From its first inception, Voltage Records had a precise purpose: to provide pure and unadulterated techno enriched with the vibe that made this genre great in the past. Voltage Records releases quite a diverse roster of talented producers, always seeking to make a difference, as well as music from those who already are on the scene. Voltage Records serves another purpose as well: to help artists explore their own limits, push their selves further and find the uniqueness to refine their concepts to the highest possible level.

Voltage Records is delivering techno music with pure vibe and massive sound, created from passionate and gifted artists, without any limits to their creativity and inspiration, an element of paramount importance for the Label.

Techno / Voltage Records

Tech House
166 (100%)
161 (96%)
Deep House
159 (95%)
94 (56%)
41 (24%)

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