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Aconite "Ace Up My Sleeve Special 1"


After lots of positive feedback to Aconite’s “Bluff” we are pleased to be able to compete the first Ace Up My Sleeve Special with this artist. Aconite himself is the founder of the label Mittel Zum Zweck and he exclusively provides us with his entire back catalog from the MZZ era.

Among the 17 tracks are his singles Ambitus, Biest, In Persona and Unkaputtbar, as well as awesome remixes from Hardfloor, Pierre Deutschmann, Felix Bernhardt, Christian Weber, Colt, Michel Laro, Dominik Schwarz and Zeromusic.

On top we also get Aconite’s remixes to Hillbill by Unfug, as well as “Kankar Punsum” and “Progress” of the project Mittel Zum Zweck.


Ace Up My Sleeve Records
c/o Christian Haase
Zur Höhe 1
65321 Heidenrod
+49 (0)177 1986806
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Short Facts

2017-04-07 (Juno)
2017-04-07 (Beatport)
2017-04-07 (Traxsource)
Ace Up My Sleeve Records (Juno)
Ace Up My Sleeve Records (Beatport)
Ace Up My Sleeve Records (Traxsource)
AUMSS001 (Juno)
AUMSS001 (Beatport)
AUMSS001 (Traxsource)

Tracklist (Compilation | 6-Tracks-Preview)

1 :
Ambitus (Hardfloor Remix) (07:32 / 126 BPM)
Aconite, Hardfloor
listen track
2 :
Biest (Felix Bernhardt Remix) (06:04 / 126 BPM)
Aconite, Felix Bernhardt
listen track
3 :
In Persona (Christian Weber Remix) (07:41 / 120 BPM)
Aconite, Christian Weber
listen track
4 :
Unkaputtbar (Pierre Deutschmann Remix) (06:57 / 127 BPM)
Aconite, Pierre Deutschmann
listen track
5 :
Your Life (Aconite Remix) (07:01 / 128 BPM)
Dominik Schwarz, Aconite
listen track
6 :
Hillbill (Aconite Remix) (07:15 / 126 BPM)
Unfug, Aconite
listen track

Biography Aconite

Aconite started his active work with electronic music in 2001. From the very first concentrating on music production he's still in search of the right sounds and rhythms to enrich his music with a certain uniqueness.

Later he also recognized the tremendous power that comes from mixing music. So since 2004 Aconite is on his way as a DJ and mixes everything that he finds in his steadily growing vinyl pool. While initially playing impulsive, brute hardtechno, his style now ranges between progressive minimal techno and techhouse - always depending on the atmosphere and the location he's playing at. The feeling for the right sounds at the right time enables him to include also loop techno or electro tracks in his sets. It's all in the mix.

Biography Ace Up My Sleeve Records

Ace Up My Sleeve Records is a label for sophisticated, energetic and powerful Techno music. The extremely innovative concept of this label is shaped by the fact, that none of the tracks released here have been written and produced for this label … All tracks being released on Ace Up My Sleeve Records are productions, that artists kept in secret for a long time, hiding on hard drives, test pressings or dubplates. Finally, those stompers can be heard by a big audience!

Ace Up My Sleeve Records / Techno

Tech House
216 (100%)
208 (96%)
Deep House
165 (76%)
121 (56%)
49 (22%)

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{do the hip!} // house • minimal • techno

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