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Acay "Sax On E.P."


Acay is a music producer with a very special outlook on classic tech-house: on his brand new release, he set out to incorporate timeless beat patterns with great plucky synth bass tones, emotional spoken words vocal samples and as the title of the EP will imply, great saxophone lead tones. On Arisen, the song builds up through a pattern of beats and bass melodies that constitute the backbone of the song, upon which great synth washes and saxophone melodies ring out, along with cool vocal samples. “Sax On”, the title track, features some killer high-hat and clap tones, lifting the beat and making the song run. The saxophone leads seamlessly interact with the beautiful keys and lush, pumping atmospheric tones in the background. The EP will be out soon on 99 Waves. Find out more and listen!

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99 WAVES Records
Via V.zo Bordone, 1
Siracusa, IT 96100
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Short Facts

2017-05-29 (Juno)
2017-05-15 (Beatport)
2017-05-29 (Traxsource)
99 Waves Records (Juno)
99 Waves Records (Beatport)
99 Waves Records (Traxsource)
99W179 (Juno)

Tracklist (Single)

1 :
Sax On (Original Mix) (06:22 / 124 BPM)
Tech House
2 :
Arisen (Original Mix) (06:07 / 124 BPM)
Tech House

Biography Acay

Acay began DJ'ing in 1999. When he hit the age of 18, he started to play at individual bars in his home town Reading Berkshire playing a wide variety of house music including commercial and his favourite, old school house classics. When he progressed in to his 20's Acay found himself playing for one of Ibiza's finest promotions 'PUKKA UP'. He has played at some of the finest venues in the UK including Ministry Of Sound, O2, McQueens, Electric Brixton, Arch Brighton, Reading Festival, Isle Of Wight Festival and all over the home of house music Shoreditch. He has also played many summer events overseas including the party isle of Ibiza and Marbella.

Acay is also a enthusiastic producer. He has had releases on many house music labels that include Brandon Block's Krafted Records, German House label TRXX, Italian label 99 Waves and Jerome Robins and Deko-ze outstanding Jungle Funk Records. Acay is no stranger to radio either, having been a guest artist on many stations, and also hosted his own shows on others. Keep your eyes peeled here for future releases and gigs from Acay, and check out the following links for more information.

Biography 99 Waves Records

The music industry is changing. The traditional outlets of music discovery, distribution and promotion have been thrown out the window in the wake of constant technological innovation. Traditional record labels and music retailers have found that their business models are no longer valid in today’s world of iTunes, streaming radio, blogs, etc.

With the advent of new technology, especially in the realm of Digital Audio Workstation and DJ software, it is increasingly easy for just about anyone with an idea to compose and produce a song or a remix. To that end, the market has been flooded with new content; some of which is good and some of which is not so good.

From day one, the focus of 99 WAVES has been on producing excellent music and putting on incredible, unforgettable events. While distribution and promotion methods will certainly change throughout time, the desire and need for quality music and events is timeless.

The company’s emphasis is to promote the success of its artists. 99 WAVES is always looking out for its artists’ best interests and believes in fair deals that create win/win situations for everyone involved. This is done by breaking away from old industry standards and by innovating new best practices.

Inspired by the dance music scene in Europe, as well as US-based labels and promotion companies, the imprint was started in 2013 on the cusp of the electronic dance music revolution in Italy & Worldwide.

99 Waves Records / Tech House

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